How To Help Your Neighbors In An Earthquake

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can have a devastating impact upon your community. Following an earthquake, it is critical to act quickly to ensure that your neighborhood is safe. When everyone works together, the health and vitality of your neighborhood will quickly recover. For this reason, you need to know the following steps to take to help you neighbors in an earthquake.

Having a disaster plan in place for your neighborhood will help in the days and hours following an earthquake. This plan should include a gathering location in which Read the rest of this entry »


Helping Your Neighbor In A Fire

A fire can be a devastating situation that not only destroys memories, but it can also put someone’s life in jeopardy. Here are some ways that you can assist your neighbor during the unfortunate event of a fire.

Call 911!
If you see abnormal smoke or flames coming from your neighbor’s home, do not hesitate to call emergency services. They could be away or sleep at the time of the fire. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Calm Kids
After a home is engulfed in flames, a child may Read the rest of this entry »


First Aid And Care For Adults And Children

Did you know you can take a CPR and basic first aid course for under 60 at your local community college? It is important that people learn how to respond to different emergency situations. You never know when your neighborhood might experience a weather or other emergency. Basic first and CPR is designed to save people’s lives until emergency responders arrive. This can be vital minutes that mean the difference between life and death. You should learn how to identify serious injuries and what to do about them. These injuries can be survived if someone knows how to respond. Read the rest of this entry »


Storing Food And Water For Emergencies

Storing food and water in your home can help you be prepared for emergencies. FEMA recommends that you keep at least a three day supply of food and water in your home, but you may want to store food and water for longer. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

1. Find a cool, dry spot to use for storage. Heat and moisture can lead to bacteria growth and ruin your stockpile.

2. As a guideline, one person needs one gallon of water a day to Read the rest of this entry »


How To Learn CPR In Case Of An Emergency

In an emergency, fast response is often required for a person’s life to be saved. Whether an emergency has been caused by medical reasons or an accident, one of the first things a person should do is assess the health of the victims. If a person is not breathing or does not have a pulse, then CPR is the best method to use to maintain their vitals until help can arrive. If you would like to learn CPR, then here are the best ways to learn this life-saving technique.Is this new to you? Catch up here

The best way to learn CPR is through taking a course taught by trained professionals. During the course, you will learn about how to assess an accident victim to determine if they need CPR. Then, you will learn the basic steps of the procedure before practicing your technique on a mannequin. You will also learn how to perform CPR if you are alone and what to do with a partner. While classes are the most common way to learn the technique, adt home security monthly prices, many people find that they can learn enough about the steps through watching videos or participating in online teaching programs. However you decide to learn CPR, remember to take a refresher course every one to two years to keep your skills updated.